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ECORE FLOORING Moxi Motivate Plus

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Ideal for functional training and therapy/rehab training spaces, Moxie Motivate Plus provides ultimate comfort underfoot and under body contact points. This surface provides an ideal balance of force reduction and energy restitution that reduces significant stress and strain on lower extremities while still providing ergonomic support and energy back to the user. Only available in the U.S.

Moxie Motivate Plus

10.5mm (0.41") x 48" (1.22m) x 30 LF (9.14m)

  1. Surface Layer - Moxie

    2.5mm Calendered Rubber surface layer

  2. itsTRU Fusion Bond

    Proprietary itsTRU™ technology fusion-bonds the VCR layers

  3. Base Layer - Motivate Plus

    8mm Vulcanized Composition Rubber functional base layer

Total Product Thickness: 10.5mm

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