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Pace Tempo training is designed to increase your “pace” speed during a cardio session or race. It can be done 2 different ways. The first option involves no recovery. You train at maximal intensity for a duration of about 20 to 30 minutes.That doesn’t mean run as fast as you can because you will never last 20 minutes. Go at the speed that after 20 minutes would allow for exhaustion. This can be extremely difficult or dangerous for someone who is just beginning a program. The second option involves brief periods of recovery. You can go at the same speed or higher than you would go in option 1. Your breaks should be very brief and should be taken when you can no longer stay at the same speed or have to slow down.

One major effect that Pace Tempo training will have is the increase of your exercise economy, or the ability to run at higher speeds and use less energy. Also, your body will learn to clear lactic acid more efficiently.

Matt KirchnerAbout this Author

After graduating from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Richmond Heights Ohio, Mat sat for and passed the test to earn his CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist). After spending over one and a half years of training in a gym setting, and becoming and instructor at NPTI, Matt started MK Fitness as a one-on-one or small group personal training company.