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What to Look for in a Vibration Trainer

Can you shake yourself into shape? According to proponents of whole body vibration training, there can indeed be gain, sans the pain. Whole body vibration is a low-impact training method that uses low- to moderate-vibration to increase muscular strength and power. Best of all, you can experience these benefits by performing vibration training for just a few minutes at least three times a week.

Vibration trainers have plates that vibrate at high levels. You stand on the machine and the vibrations are carried throughout your body, causing your muscles to contract and relax. You can perform a variety of exercises while standing on a vibration trainer platform, including squats, calf raises, and lunges.

Vibration trainers make it easier to get an effective whole body workout. Vibration training can be a great supplement to your daily exercise regimen. It is particularly beneficial to the elderly, the obese, and others who may have trouble doing conventional strength training exercises. Some health benefits that whole body vibration may offer include the following:

  • Improve metabolism
  • Strengthen muscle tissue
  • Minimize joint pain
  • Boost flexibility
  • Enhance bone density

Whole body vibration training cannot be achieved without a machine. Vibration trainers will generally set you back by about $1,000 or more. Here are some issues you may want to consider before buying a whole body vibration machine.

Type of Vibration

You can choose from vibration trainers with oscillating or tri-planar platforms. Oscillating platforms have a point in the center – the platform rises on one end and lowers on the other. This seesaw motion mimics the motion of walking. Vibration trainers with oscillating platforms effectively burn calories and help you lose weight.

Tri-planar platforms rise up and down in a continuous motion, imitating the motion of doing little jumps over and over in the same spot. Tri-planar platforms have a smaller range of motion than oscillating platforms, but they operate at higher speeds. Vibration trainers with tri-planar platforms are effective at improving muscle mass and bone density, but they tend to be pricier because they are larger and heavier.

Platform Dimensions

Vibration trainers come in an array of sizes. When purchasing a vibration trainer, make sure that the platform is large enough because the smaller the platform, the more limited your ability will be to perform different exercises. Ideally, you’ll choose a whole body vibration machine that serves your long-term needs because in time,you’ll likely want to do a wider range of exercises and poses on the platform.

Intensity of Vibration

A vibration trainer’s intensity varies depending on the frequency of vibration, or in other words, the number of oscillations per second, which is measured in Hertz (Hz). Most research regarding whole body vibration training has used frequencies between 25 to 40Hz. Typically, vibration trainers have a frequency between 15 to 60Hz, but most models operate within a limited frequency range, such as 15 to 30Hz or 30 to 50Hz. Be sure to buy a vibration trainer that operates at the desired intensity.

Pre-Set Training Programs

Some vibration trainers come with pre-set training programs for your upper body, lower body, whole body, and abs. These customizable training programsmay offer different frequency settings and modules that allow you to design an exercise regime that meets your specific needs. Another feature that comes integrated with some vibration trainers is a personal coach, which guides users through their workouts.

Beware of Knock Offs

Definitely avoid buying a vibration machine from online sellerswithout a real physical location or proven track record because they could be selling sub-standard, imitation vibration machines that will easily break or lead to injury. Buy a high-quality machine from a legitimate seller – otherwise, your vibration trainer could cause many of the same problems it is supposed to treat!

Vibration training is not a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet. However, using a vibration trainer can help you recruit more muscle fiber, get a better workout, and achieve enhanced results. Whether you’re looking to get into shape or you want to maintain your current fitness level, a vibration trainer can serve as an effective part of your wellness routine and help you achieve your exercise goals. At Health & Fitness Equipment Centers, we offer vibration trainers from 3G Cardio and Zen Pro. Contact us today for more information!

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