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The Importance of Resistance Training

During the late 1960’s America was introduced to the benefits of aerobic exercise by Dr. Kenneth Cooper. As a result of Dr. Cooper’s books the number of joggers in the U.S. grew from roughly 100,000 in 1968 to over 30 million today! Since then countless studies have verified what Dr. Cooper already knew: Aerobic exercise is good for us! Not until recently, however have we begun to fully understand the benefits of another type of exercise:  Resistance training. Resistance training is basically any exercise which causes muscles to contract against resistance. The most popular forms of resistance training utilize dumbbells, weight machines, rubber tubes, and even bodyweight. So what can resistance training do for you, you ask? Below are the top five reasons why everyone should be incorporating some form or resistance training into their exercise routines.

Increased Bone Density.

Resistance training places stress on the skeletal structure in a way that is similar to the stress placed on the muscles. This applied stress causes the bones to become stronger. In fact, some research has found that six months of resistance training can improve bone density in the spinal cord by as much as 13%.

Reduced Body Fat.

It has been shown that by even slightly increasing the size of your muscles you can significantly increase your metabolic rate. This means that your body will become much more efficient at burning fat while even at rest.

Improved Mobility.

Stronger muscles are more capable muscles. By incorporating resistance training into your exercise routine you will notice daily activities becoming easier. Also, the improved mobility associated with stronger muscles can greatly reduce the chances of falls in the senior population.

Enhanced Appearance.

Let’s face it, even with all of the long lasting health and fitness benefits associated with resistance training most of us want to know how it will affect our appearance. The truth is that there is no other form of exercise that can change the way you look faster than resistance training.


Contrary to popular belief a well rounded resistance training program doesn’t require a lot of time. In fact, research shows that virtually all of the important benefits of resistance training can be obtained in just two 15 to 20 minute sessions per week!

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.


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