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Resistance Training: Building your strength

Resistance Training: Building your strength from Sapient Solutions on Vimeo.

The strength phase should follow the endurance phase. This phase should last 1 week or possibly 2. The strength phase is making your muscles stronger. If you feel you are not ready for this phase yet, simply go right back to the endurance phase and start again, preferably with higher weight increments. You need to make your muscles stronger so you can increase weight increments when you go back to the endurance and hypertrophy phases. You should have already been practicing proper form, as it is extremely important for your safety in this phase, as well as a strengthened core.  Always make sure you have a spotter with any core or structural lifts you perform during this phase.

The specific guidelines you should follow include: 85-100% of your 1RM (1 rep max), 1-6 reps, 2-6 sets, 2-5 minute rest breaks, and a moderate tempo. Focus on being able to perform the rep rather than a specific speed.

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