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What Our Clients Say

Very Helpful

I have a small home gym and knew that I wanted to add a a Lat Pulldown machine and a Leg Extension/ curl machine. When I walked into the store, I never expected it to be so easy. I was immediately greeted by the president, Dave. I explained to him what I was looking for and he immediately pulled up several options on a computer. He helped me select a Lat Pulldown and Leg Extension/curl machine. Both machines are excellent and fit perfectly into my gym. I can’t imagine that the process could’ve been any better and I’m very thankful that Dave was so helpful - Steven Accord

High Quality and Low Price

I am not typically one to write reviews, however, wanted to share my experience with Dave and his team at Health and Fitness Equipment Centers. In general these days, few companies are able to offer high quality service and still beat the prices of online competition. Somehow, Health and Fitness Equipment Centers does just that. I spent 3 years renovating my basement to have the home gym I have been dreaming of for decades, and once I was finished with the room, I wanted the equipment done right. I spoke to dozens of companies, and looked at more equipment websites than you can imagine. I know price points of multiple brands of equipment from nearly everyone out there. Not only was Dave the most competitive with the pricing of the equipment that I wanted, but I felt like I was being treated as a VIP customer the whole way through from start to finish. He made suggestions that took my home gym to a higher level than I had imagined. His whole team/crew came and delivered, assembled, and then had the courtesy to move the heavy pieces to different locations in the room to maximize the space and efficiency of the overall gym. They were all extremely professional in my home which was also important to me. I couldn’t be happier with it! There is not adequate space in this box to write all the things I could say here, but I can’t imagine any reason someone would look elsewhere when it comes to purchasing fitness equipment, supplies, or other related items. If there was ever a company deserving of 5 stars, this is it! I recommend this company without hesitation!

-Rob Huff

Lasting Products

My husband and I went to Health & Fitness Equipment Centers in Fairlawn to purchase a treadmill. We were looking for one that would last for years without any issues and would also be okay on my shin splints and knees. The staff (Jeff and James) were friendly, knowledgeable, and laid-back. There was no stress, and we did not feel like we were being “pushed” to buy anything. I was encouraged to try a variety of different treadmills for as long as I needed to in order to find the one that felt the best on my legs. We found the perfect one and are very happy with our purchase. Health & Fitness Centers focuses on higher-end equipment for people serious about fitness and want more commercial-grade fitness equipment in their home. This store may not be for everyone, but if you are serious about fitness, want something that lasts, and want to work with a knowledgeable staff, I highly recommend going here.

– Jessica Brister

Professional and Honest

I had a Treadmill for 23 years! It finally stopped working! I bought one from a local Retail store. It shook when I was using it, squeaked, and did not seem right. The store picked it up and sent another. It made more noise! I asked the installer what was going on! He said the noise was natural. I told him I could not believe his story. It sounded like a freight train dropping bolts on the floor! He was not happy that I did not believe his pitch! He raised his voice and said he was not lying! He was not pleasant. I told him no one would buy that story and to take his treadmill and return it. He went to his truck, called someone, and after at least 15 mins. on the phone took the treadmill and left . I contacted many other stores, visited them, but I was not comfortable with their sales pitch. Finally I remembered the Health and Fitness equipment store on Curtis Blvd., in Eastlake Ohio where we purchased equipment years ago. WOW! What a difference. Dave Sova, did not need to use a sales pitch. He was Professional all the way with the Knowledge to back it up!! He listened to my needs and suggested a couple Treadmills, with no pressure. I love my Spirit Fitness treadmill . I would recommend his store to anyone looking for Fitness equipment! He was a joy to work with! No pressure! Just Professionalism, Quality, and Honesty , is what he sells! And equipment, too!

Extremely Knowledgeable

Doug is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Not only did he get our family into the right personal gym, he also designed a workout routine for our son and took the time to demonstrate the various exercises to us on two different days!

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